Weekend Warriors

Posted on June 14, 2013 in Foundation

EDCS LogoOn an early spring morning, two 2Mers showed up at East Dallas Community Schools (EDCS) to be a part of a beautification day taking place. The busyness of the school grounds that morning included several volunteers ready to work and many staff members eager and cheerful. EDCS is a 33-year-old nonprofit school in East Dallas for children nine and younger. The East Dallas campus was the first EDCS campus among the current three (East Dallas, Lindsley Park, and Bachman Lake). The mission of these schools has been to prove that all children, regardless of race or income, can succeed in school when we start young and involve parents.

Our main task of the morning was to sand and paint the storage house next to the elementary building. Given one paint scraper each, we put our renovation skills to the test and conquered a few walls on the outside of the building. Some areas needed a little bit more effort than others, but all in all, it was a great day.

The people were friendly and the work was helpful. It’s good to be reminded that even the little things can make a big difference.