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This picture is from David’s Way, the memorial to David from his family, on the Katy Trail. The trail was a rail bed but now is a hike and bike trail.

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Encore Health ResourcesMeyerson Joins Encore Health Resources Board announced on February 6th that Morton Meyerson, CEO of 2M Companies, would be joining its board. The Dallas Business Journal has picked up the story:

“Encore Health Resources announced today that Dallas businessman Morton H. Meyerson has been named to the Houston-based company’s board of directors.

Encore Health is a provider of healthcare technology consulting services to health care providers and was founded in 2009.”

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I went to see 127 Hours after going back and forth for two days trying to determine if I could watch someone cut their arm off to survive. I am glad i did, as it is quite an amazing movie on several levels. The personal story told by the actor representing the man who had to do this in real life was revealing and very reflective.  Read More

If you see this film playing near you, RUSH to see it! It starts slowly and takes a shattering turn about a tenth of the way in. The rest keeps you on the edge. This lost girl/woman with Down syndrome encounters a world she has never been in or understood. Read More

Morton sends his review of the independent film Get Low. Read More

New Orleans Women's Shelter Logo

Dan Silverman was interviewed in the August 2010 issue of New Orleans Living Magazine about The New Orleans Women’s Shelter (NOWS). The interview focuses on his organization and the struggle of the poor to survive post Katrina.

We’ve been broken, and it’s going to take a long time to fix what was probably already broken before the storm.

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